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A graphic of a hand tapping an ORCA card on a card reader, with a Link train in the background.

New ORCA ticket system rollout continues with new card readers, ticket machines

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As many riders have noticed, crews continue installing new ORCA ticket vending machines (TVM) and card readers at stations throughout the system in preparation for the launch of the new ORCA system in May.

The new TVMs will not be online until the new system launch, but Link riders will still be able to use existing TVMs until the new system is fully functional.

The new card readers will have bags over them until the system is live but legacy readers will still be available at all stations. Once the new readers are live, the old readers will be replaced.  

This is part of a new ORCA system rolling out regionwide to provide easier ways to pay transit fares and manage transit passes. 

A graphic of a new ORCA ticket vending machine.
Let us know what you think about the new ORCA TVMs.

Upgrading ORCA equipment 

When the new ORCA system launches in May, you will see these new card readers installed but covered up. The screens on the new ticket machines will indicate whether they are in service yet. We’ll also play audio announcements at stations during the replacement process to alert passengers of what to expect.

During times of high ridership, you may notice long lines at the ticket vending machines until all of the new ones have been installed. If you don’t want to wait, purchase your Link ticket on the Transit Go Ticket app on your phone.  

After the launch, we’ll remove all the original ORCA equipment. We expect to have the system fully upgraded by this summer.  

The new ORCA system will give customers more enhancements and features, such as the ability to tap to pay with your phone. 

Additional improvements include: 

  • A mobile app to manage your account and pay your fare 
  • The ability to instantly load value and products to your ORCA account 
  • More retail locations to buy ORCA cards and add value 
  • An improved website ( makes it easier to manage your account 

But don’t worry, your current ORCA card will still work on the new system and the with the mobile app! 

Options like Youth cards, Regional Reduced Fare Permits and ORCA LIFT cards will still be available with the new system.



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