A bike rider using an on-demand smart bike locker.

Park and ride: New secure bike parking lockers headed to a station near you!

On-demand lockers provide extra level of bike security

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Good news for people who want to combine bikes and transit but don’t want to bring their bikes on board busy trains.

Sound Transit is installing about 900 on-demand bike lockers at stations throughout the areas we serve and at future stations.

The first batch of new lockers are being installed installed at the University of Washington (70), SODO (32) and Rainier Beach (32) Link light rail stations by the end of the year. 

(Note, the lift assist functions for 14 of the upper level lockers at UW will not be installed until mid January. Those lockers will remain out of service until then.)  

Purchase a BikeLink card to pay as you go for just 5 cents an hour, and any time you don’t use will be refunded to your BikeLink keycard

We plan to install new lockers at Edmonds Station and the Mercer Island Park-and-Ride after the initial upgrades at UW, SODO and Rainier Beach.

These initial stations were chosen based on existing waitlists and demand for secure bike parking, and to provide secure bicycle parking for more bicyclists during the Connect 2020 work to connect East Link with the existing light rail line, when we anticipate trains being more crowded.

Today we have 451 bike lockers available at transit centers and train stations throughout the system.

The rest of the new on-demand lockers will be rolled out over the next three years to replace the existing lockers and will be included at future light rail stations.

Riders today rent individual lockers for $50 a year.

How on-demand lockers work

A bike rider loads his bike into an on-demand bike locker.
A rider loads her bike into an on-demand locker at the Shoreline Park and Ride. Photo courtesy of King County Metro.

Under the new program, riders can subscribe to the on-demand system through BikeLink and use the new lockers at any location, including at the King County Metro locations which already have these lockers.

Check King County Metro's site for more information on how to use the lockers and where they have already been installed

The on-demand lockers at Sound Transit stations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

They’re accessible 24 hours a day, and you can rent a locker for up to 10 days.

If your meter expires, extra time costs 12 cents per hour.

Sound Transit considers bikes left in BikeLink lockers longer than 12 days as abandoned, and they will be impounded.  

The lockers will be similar to what’s already available from King County Metro Transit and transit centers in the Bay area, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Under the new program, riders can get a smart card to load money onto and then use the cards to access the new lockers.

Stay informed about the new lockers

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