Bringing your bike

Everything you need to know about riding your bike and connecting with Sound Transit.

Freedom - Bicyclists of all ages know this feeling.

Sound Transit encourages you to bicycle to and from our trains and buses. Sound Transit allows bicycles on all our vehicles at no extra cost. Due to limited onboard capacity, Sound Transit recommends having a backup plan or parking your bicycle at our facilities before boarding.

If no bicycle space is available on your bus or train, it pays to know your options, including connecting transit options, bike share, car share or walking.

For more information about combining your bike ride with transit, contact

How to get around

Basic information for cyclists

  • Sound Transit allows all two-wheeled, standard sized bikes, including e-bikes.
  • You may bring a folding bicycle onboard if stowed with you.
  • Because of space limitations, you may not bring oversized, cargo, or tandem bicycles onboard.
  • Sound Transit will impound any bicycles parked for more than 72 hours.
  • Walk your bicycle on vehicles, plazas, platforms and pedestrian bridges.
  • Bicyclists are responsible for loading and unloading their bicycles.
  • Do not take your bicycle on escalators. Use elevators or stairs.
  • Sound Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles.
  • Sound Transit can restrict bicycles when safety issues arise.
  • Be safe and aware when bicycling near transit vehicles and train tracks.