Board of Directors

The 18-member Sound Transit Board includes elected officials and the Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Public comments

The Sound Transit board welcomes your input! Citizen comments are an important part of the Sound Transit public process. The Board of Directors takes comments seriously and considers them in its deliberations. All board and committee meetings and public hearings are open to the public. 

Commenters are prohibited from using the public comment period for campaigning purposes or engaging in speech or conduct that disrupts, disturbs or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of a meeting, including derogatory remarks, profanity, or personal attacks.

Review our rules for public comment here.

How do I provide comments at a Board of Directors or committee meeting?

**Please note: In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, all Sound Transit Board and Committee meetings are being held virtually. The virtual meetings are being streamed live via WebEx. Information on how to view the WebEx stream will be provided on the Sound Transit website no later than 24 hours before the meeting. Visit the Board of Directors event calendar and click on the Board or Committee meeting name for details to join.

The Board accepts virtual and written public comment on items on the meeting agendas. Committees accept virtual and written public comment on items on the meeting agendas or within the committees' purviews. 

Live Public Comment: Individuals who would like to provide live public comment via phone or computer must sign-up in advance on the calendar page linked above. The sign-up form will be available on the day of the meeting between 8:00am and the posted start time of the meeting. Meetings will be recorded and posted to the website 24-48 hours after the meeting.

Written Public Comment: Written comments should be sent to: Comments received up to one hour before the meeting will be provided to Board members electronically before the meeting. Comments received after that deadline will be provided to Board members after the meeting.
The content of all comments submitted will be posted to the Sound Transit website following the meeting. Please be aware that if you offer your contact information within your comment, it will be part of the public record and posted along with the rest of your comment.

How do I provide comments and questions to the Board of Directors regarding items that are not before the Board/committee for final action?

Any comments you have not regarding items on the Board or Committee's agendas, or general comments simply intended to reach the Board members may be provided in the following ways:

Email the Board. You can email the Board of Directors by using this email address:

Send letters to the Board. You can mail letters to the Board of Directors at this address:

Board Administrator
Sound Transit
401 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104

All questions and comments received through email, or mail will be provided to all members of the Sound Transit Board of Directors. The appropriate Sound Transit staff will follow up with you regarding questions or comments that you provide.