60% design open houses in Bellevue: wrap-up

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Between February 6th and March 25th, Sound Transit hosted three East Link Extension 60% design open houses in the City of Bellevue. Approximately 280 people joined us to learn more about East Link design progress from I-90 to 120th Ave NE, including the South Bellevue, East Main, Downtown and Hospital stations. Attendees were able to meet the project team, ask questions and provide us with feedback.

A summary of the South Bellevue Segment meeting and public comments is available on the East Link website. In addition, the East Main Station Segment public involvement summary has just been added to the website.

Presentation and display materials from the Downtown Bellevue Segment meeting, including the Bellevue Transit Center and Hospital stations, are also available on our website. The Downtown Bellevue Segment comment period is open until March 8th, so please take the opportunity to view the materials and then comment on station design and station naming  via the online forms.