Bellevue cost savings update

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Sound Transit would like to extend a thank you to those who provided valuable feedback or attended the recent Bellevue Cost Savings Drop-in Sessions. Your comments were incorporated into the Public Involvement Summary and shared with the Sound Transit Board of Directors and Bellevue City Council. You can view the summary on the East Link webpage.

On Thursday, October 25th, the Sound Transit Board advanced the following Cost Savings Ideas, in addition to the adopted alignment and the MOU recommendation, for further development: Bellevue Way alignment at Winters House:

  • Adopted project: Light rail trench in front of the Winters House.
  • Cost savings idea: Shift Bellevue Way west to allow for at-grade light rail in front of Winters House and a proposed City of Bellevue HOV lane.
  • Cost savings potential: $7 to $11 million

112th Avenue SE:

  • MOU recommendation: No further study of an elevated light rail crossing of 112th Avenue NE at SE 15th Street. Continue to study light rail in a trench under SE 4th.
  • Cost savings idea: Raise the 112th Avenue Roadway over an at-grade alignment of light rail in the vicinity of SE 15th Street so that light rail passes under the road. From SE 15th Street, light rail continues at-grade to the East Main Station.
  • Cost savings potential: $9 to $16 million

Downtown Bellevue Station design:

  • Adopted project: Subway station under 110th Avenue NE.
  • Cost savings idea: Moves the station out of the tunnel to NE 6th Street.
  • Cost savings potential: $24 to $39 million

In addition to the specific areas above, innovative engineering ideas and construction techniques will continue to be advanced for further review. These ideas include reduced stormwater vaults through use of low-impact development design and expedited tunnel construction through additional temporary road closures.

  • Cost savings potential: $15 to $20 million