City of Bellevue Fire Department training exercise

Publish Date

Sound Transit is collaborating with the City of Bellevue Fire Department to provide an opportunity for fire department training exercises planned to take place this week, beginning as early as June 28. During daytime and evening hours, fire department personnel will utilize the vacant building within the Sound Transit work zone west of 132nd Ave NE that will be demolished as part of the East Link light rail project, to practice emergency access techniques.

What to expect:

  • You may see Fire Department vehicles parked within the work zone.
  • Exercises in session will sound like a chain saw running.
  • Training is expected to take place during the daytime hours and into the evening.
  • Training exercises are anticipated to extend through the weekend and wrap up early during the week of July 3.

For more information about City of Bellevue Fire Department training exercises, contact Marie Jensen at or 425-452-2064.