I-405 BRT begins the next phase of planning

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The I-405 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project has entered Phase 2: Conceptual Engineering and Environmental Review. During this phase, we will continue to collect community input and technical analysis to further refine BRT station concepts and proposed roadway improvements.

More information about what occurred over Phase 1 is available on the project website.

Read the Phase 1 summary

Field work starting along the I-405 BRT corridor

As part of Sound Transit's work in Phase 2, we'll continue advancing the design of the I-405 BRT Project by conducting field work along the corridor. Sound Transit will contact select property owners to request access to private property in order to conduct field work. After receiving approval from property owners in the form of Right of Entry (ROE) authorizations, field crews will begin performing survey work, geotechnical drilling, noise and/or vibration monitoring, and other activities essential for advancing the project's design.

What are Right of Entry (ROE) Authorizations?

  • ROE authorizations are voluntary agreements signed by both Sound Transit and property owners
  • ROE authorizations allow Sound Transit representatives access to property for specific and agreed upon purposes
  • Sound Transit will give property owners advance notice of any field work to minimize disruptions to occupants and tenants
  • Most activities take between one to three days to complete

Additional fieldwork

Those who live and/or travel the project corridor will also notice crews preforming field work in the public right of way. If this work presents any impacts to traffic, we will provide advanced notification so you know what to expect.

What's next?

Sound Transit representatives will begin contacting select property owners in the next few weeks to seek authorization and answer questions about the ROE process. Once Sound Transit has collected the ROE authorizations from property owners, field work will take place over the following 24 months. Your assistance is greatly appreciated as we work to complete our field work during this phase of the project.

As always if you have any questions please reach out to us at brt@soundtransit.org.