A look back at 2018

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Aerial guideway of future Bel-Red/130th Station.

Sound Transit contractor crews have been hard at work on the Bel-Red/130th Station segment. In 2018, this mile-long section of East Link has completed a number of underground utility milestones to prepare for construction above ground this year.

Over the last year, construction activities largely focused on aerial guideway construction and building or updating underground utility systems. This includes the relocating existing services like sewer, telecommunications, gas and power. Below are a few milestones from 2018. 

  • All 44 girders for the aerial guideway were set in the summer of 2018.
  • Crews installed Approximately two miles of storm drainage and 1.5 miles of water systems, and seven precast water quality vaults.
  • Crews excavated a 40-foot deep sanitary sewer replacement at 130th Avenue Northeast.
Rail is delivered to the future Bel-Red/130th Station.

On the right track 

2019 is off to a great start as the Bel-Red/130th Station segment reaches a major milestone as the first four miles (21,120') of rail have been delivered. Rail welding and grinding will begin in the next couple of months to prepare for installation. 

The road ahead

Over the next year, contractor crews will complete the remaining underground utility systems to make way for sidewalk, landscaping and lighting construction. Crews will also complete the bridge structure and begin constructing the Bel-Red/130th Station. Stay tuned as we share more details of this year's milestones in the next couple of months. 

Curious to see what the Bel-Red area will look like once light rail construction is complete? Check out this animation.