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New Roadway Configurations on Bellevue Way SE in South Bellevue

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New Roadway Configurations on Bellevue Way SE in South Bellevue

As the South Bellevue Station approaches completion, traffic revisions on Bellevue Way, between I-90 and 112th Avenue SE, are being put in place. The purpose of the changes is to increase traffic safety and efficiency on Bellevue Way before opening the new light rail station and park-and-ride.

What is Changing?  
To lessen the potential for collisions and reduce traffic congestion, left turns from northbound Bellevue Way SE to SE 30th Street are now prohibited. Vehicles often exit I-90 onto Bellevue Way at higher speeds, while navigating the curved roadway. There has been minimal queuing space for the left-turn movement. Additionally, southbound congestion on Bellevue Way makes it difficult to turn left from SE 30th Street.
How do I enter the Enetai Neighborhood when headed north on Bellevue Way SE? 
Drivers are encouraged to access the Enatai neighborhood by driving a short distance up to 112th Avenue SE (by the central entrance to the South Bellevue Station and Park-and-Ride) and turning left. By mid-May, drivers will have the option to U-turn just south of 112th Avenue SE to head southbound on Bellevue Way to turn right on SE 30th Street. Access to properties along Bellevue Way are “right in/right out” only.
Why is this happening? 
The designs for the South Bellevue Station and associated roadway improvements were created in collaboration between the city and Sound Transit and approved in 2016. To minimize construction impacts and duration, the traffic revision work was combined with the light rail roadway restoration work.
As with any significant traffic revision, it will take time for drivers to adjust to them. These changes will improve the overall function and operation of this segment of Bellevue Way. 
Thank you for your patience throughout construction of light rail. We look forward to celebrating the opening of the East Link Extension in 2023.

Map for Bellevue Way Southeast final configuration in mid may 2021, South Bellevue Station