Night closure at Northeast 107th Northbound I-5 off-ramp 

Publish Date

Wednesday, August 12th, Sound Transit will be closing the NE 107th off-ramp to Northbound I-5. The full night time closure will be utilized for cap access work. This closure will take place between the work hours of 11:00PM to 5:00AM.


  • The off-ramp will be closed for crews to construct guideway for Link light rail construction.
  • Closure will occur during work hours and re-open during non-work hours.


  • Work will occur Wednesday, August 12th to Thursday, August 13th. 
  • The off-ramp will be closed during construction work hours from 11:00PM to 5:00AM.
  • Roads will remain open outside of work hours.   


  • NE 107 off-ramp via Northbound I-5 (exit 173).
  • Detour at Northbound I-5 exit 174.