Sound Transit in your community

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Did you miss Sound Transit at the City of Sumner's open house last week? Read below for updates and links to open house displays. Or come talk to us:

  • Sumner Rhubarb Days: July 27-28. Stop by the Sound Transit booth, 10am-5pm each day, in downtown Sumner.  

Pedestrian improvements coming to station area

Sound Transit is contributing $2.5 million to the City of Sumner to make sidewalk and lighting improvements near Sumner Station, making it easier for people to walk safely to and from the station.

  • Sidewalks: The City is building ADA ramps and driveway approaches and repairing non-ADA compliant sidewalk. Work starts this summer.
  • Lighting: The City is planning lighting enhancements including LED street lights and decorative lighting. Preliminary corridors include Park Street, Thompson Street, and Alder Avenue. Work is expected to take place in 2020.

In addition, Sound Transit contributed $5 million to the City of Sumner for pedestrian and bicycle components of the new interchange of Traffic Avenue at SR 410. See details in the open house displays

Garage update

Sound Transit has been busy moving forward plans for the new 4.5-story garage that will bring approximately 500 new parking spaces to Sumner Station. See overview map. We have completed preliminary engineering, acquired the necessary parcels to build on, and prepared procurement documents. 

Next steps include working with the City of Sumner on processing a street vacation request, permitting, and advertising for a design/build contractor, expected later this year. Construction is expected to start in 2020, and the facility will open in 2022.

Updated vision statement

In addition, Sound Transit has partnered with the City of Sumner to update the vision statement guiding the "look and feel" of the garage, incorporating ideas from the new Town Center Plan. Updates include:

  • Use a variety of materials, textures and colors to bring aesthetic detail to the façade.
  • Distinguish the ground floor, in keeping with the City's Station District standards.
  • Prioritize the north and west sides of the building with features that complement Main Street, a prominent pedestrian entry and weather protection.
  • On the south and east sides, include screening and smaller openings to minimize visual impacts on residential neighbors.

These ideas will be included in project requirements for the contractor that designs and builds the garage. See examples of design features, and the updated vision statement. Have questions about the vision statement? Let us know.