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Photo of riders exiting the Sounder Train, South Tacoma Station Access Improvements

South Tacoma Station Access Improvements project launched

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Sound Transit is seeking public input on how we can improve the experience of getting to and from Sounder trains at South Tacoma Station. Access improvements can mean investments in safer walking, rolling and bicycling connections between stations and their surrounding neighborhoods; better pickup and drop-off areas; additional station lighting and weather shelters; and parking options.

An online open house is available through April 20 in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog. 

We’re currently in the early planning phase for this project. Public input will help us identify potential improvements, which will then be evaluated and shared with the public later this year. Future phases of the project are subject to direction from the Sound Transit Board and the realignment process, described below.

Visit the online open house


Realigning Sound Transit’s capital program

The COVID-19 recession has greatly reduced the revenues Sound Transit relies on to expand our regional transit system, while real estate and construction costs in our area continue to surge. Without alternative revenue sources, Sound Transit will not be able to deliver many voter-approved projects on their original timelines. Through a process called realignment, the Sound Transit Board of Directors is working to determine how plans and schedules for many projects will need to change to address these financial pressures. 

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