Surface parking closure at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Publish Date

On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 at 8 p.m., the surface parking lot at the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center is scheduled to close. Parking will be replaced by an Interim Park and Ride lot, located on the corner of 56th Ave W and 232nd St SW (the former site of Roger's Market Place). In addition to the existing high-frequency transit connections between the interim lot and Mountlake Terrace Transit Center, a Sound Transit provided shuttle service will ensure the wait is never more than 10 minutes during peak hours. In fact, in most instances the wait will be far shorter. The parking garage at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center will remain open.

Riders of Community Transit routes 810 and 871 to the University District

Routes 810 and 871 stop at the Interim Park and Ride prior to connecting at the transit center. Riders of these routes should look for parking at the Interim Park and Ride first to prevent overcrowding in the garage.

Riders of all routes to downtown Seattle

All riders boarding buses headed for downtown Seattle should look for parking in the current Mountlake Terrace Transit Center parking garage to avoid having to transfer.

Keep up to date

As this closure approaches, transit riders and Park and Ride users should expect to see communications including signage, rider alerts, web and e-mail announcements, etc. If you have not yet, please sign up for construction alerts to get the latest information.

Map of parking changes at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center.