Work planned for the Melody Hill construction site

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As construction begins on the 8.5-mile Lynnwood Link light rail extension, Sound Transit is preparing the former Melody Hill Elementary School site for field offices and staging of equipment and materials.

To minimize impacts to the surrounding neighborhood, the site will be fully fenced and include a landscape barrier to screen the site and reduce noise. 

Sound Transit's contractor will install a 12-foot tall wooden fence on the sides facing 222nd Street SW and abutting private residences. An 8-foot tall chain link fence with privacy panels will be installed on the Interstate 5 and 220th Street SW sides of the site. 

Work on the Melody Hill site could begin as early as July 2019.

What to expect:

  • Most noise is anticipated to occur during site establishment and installation of a wooden fence along the south and west sides of the site. Once the fence is built, noise and other impacts will be minimized.
  • Worker vehicles and light construction vehicles (under 10,000 lbs.) will enter and exit via a gate at 222nd Street SW.
  • Heavy vehicles (over 10,000 lbs.) will predominantly enter and exit via 220th Street SW in the northeast corner of the site – away from neighborhood streets. Select activities may require heavy vehicles to utilize 222nd Street SW.
  • Typical work hours will be from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Approved night work will occur at various times; however, the Melody Hill site will primarily be used as a parking area for workers at night. Most night work will occur at other locations on the project.
  • During any night work, the primary access for vehicles will be the gates at the northeast corner of the site.
Map of Melody Hill construction site.