Social media

Guidelines and goals.

We're social

We are currently active in the following social channels: Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Although content and engagement strategies vary between channels, the following principles apply to the program overall:

Program goals

We use social media to grow agency awareness; ensure content communicates our story, presenting the mission and expressing our accomplishments; establish authority as the regional provider of bus and train services by providing timely and accurate rider feedback and response; activate the community for interactions and recommendations.


We strive to maintain a consistent voice which is appropriate to the channel and topic. Our basic social personality is: down-to-earth; plainspoken; responsive; expert, but approachable; light-hearted and witty, but not 'cheesy'; educated and professional; friendly and helpful.


The Sound Transit social media program is managed under the Digital Communications Division in the Communications, Marketing and Engagement department (CME). The program framework includes a policy and a set of best practices that govern use of all social media channels. Only staff or consultants assigned by the CME team may speak on behalf of the agency via social networks.


We tailor our content to each channel and follow our brand standards. On Facebook, we emphasize storytelling using high-quality assets to position Sound Transit as part of the fabric of the community; X is heavily rider-focused and prioritizes real-time response; Instagram is a channel for our most compelling images and is often community-focused; we design LinkedIn content to help position the agency as a professional, accomplished and forward-looking place to work.