Brand vision

Friendly and customer focused.

Getting to know the brand

We’re non-bureaucratic and down to earth. We use plain talk and active voice. We avoid using jargon, acronyms and sesquipedalian bouts (using lots of big words). We’re visionary and innovative. We’re also witty, but with more of a wink than a pie in the face. And most important, we are friendly and customer-focused.

Brand tagline

What does it mean to “Ride the Wave?” For our customers and potential customers, it means riding the wave of the future with state-of-the-art transit and taking back freedom: freedom from traffic, freedom from stress, and freedom from the high cost of driving. For ST staff, it means riding the wave of innovation and freeing ourselves to be cutting edge and think outside the bus…or box!


Brand promise

Sound Transit offers freedom and flexibility with a reliable, inexpensive, safe and comfortable alternative to driving. Use this as a guide for your communications:


Brand personality

These represent our brand position as an agency. Use them to help guide how you communicate. If appropriate, use them in your messaging or simply use them to inspire you as you tell the ST story.







Brand foundations

These inform the way we talk with our audiences. Use at least one as you tell the ST story.

PROVIDING TOP-NOTCH CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE/Audience: Those who use ST services, our riders.

DELIVERING ON OUR PROMISE/Audiences: Those impacted by our construction and stakeholders.

BEING ACCOUNTABLE/Audiences: Partners, stakeholders, elected officials and taxpayers.

FORWARD-THINKING/ Audience: Our future riders.