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Providing your comments to the Board

The Sound Transit Board welcomes your input! Citizen comments are an important part of the Sound Transit public process. The Board of Directors takes comments seriously and considers them in its deliberations. All Sound Transit Board and Committee meetings and public hearings are open to the public.

How do I provide comments at a Board of Directors or Committee meeting?

Anyone from the public wishing to comment during Board and Committee meetings will have the opportunity to do so during the public comment section of the meeting. The meeting agenda is available on the Sound Transit website and outside the Ruth Fisher Boardroom at Union Station (401 S. Jackson St. in Seattle) on the day of Board and Committee meetings. Public comment is permitted only on items that are on the Board/Committee meeting agenda for final action, unless the Chair announces that comments will be taken on other items.

To provide public comment during Board meetings, members of the public should print their name, the agenda item, and the comment topic on the sign-up sheet located in the Boardroom prior to the start of the meeting. Sign-up is on a first come, first serve basis. The sign-up sheet will be available until the meeting is called to order.

During the public comment section of the meeting, the Chair will call names from the public comment sign-up sheet. When your name is called, please come forward, speak into the microphone, and state your name for the record. During each meeting, the Chair of that meeting will announce the amount of time that each person will have to speak. Generally, comments will be limited to two minutes.

Public comments during meetings need to be germane to items that are before the Board/Committee for final action, unless the Chair specifies otherwise. The microphone will be turned off at the end of the speaker's allotted time or if the speaker uses personal attacks, makes remarks unrelated to the comments summarized by the speaker on the sign-up sheet, or uses this forum for campaigning purposes as prohibited by RCW 42.17A.555 .

PDF iconRules and Tips for Public Comment Handout
Calendar of upcoming Sound Transit Board and Committee meetings

How do I provide comments and questions to the Board of Directors regarding items that are not before the Board/Committee for final action?

The Sound Transit Board welcomes your input regarding topics that are not considered for final action at meetings, and you may do this at any time. Because public comment is typically permitted only on certain agenda items, there are other ways that you can provide general comments to Boardmembers.

Ways to provide general comments to Board Members

Fill out a General Comment form. During Board and Committee meetings, you may fill out a general comment form and place it in the General Comments tray in the Boardroom.

Email the Board. You can email the Board of Directors by using this email address:

Send letters to the Board. You can mail letters to the Board of Directors at this address:

Board Administrator
Sound Transit
401 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104

All questions and comments that are provided to the Board of Directors through the General Comment tray, email, or mail will be provided to all members of the Sound Transit Board of Directors. The appropriate Sound Transit staff will follow up with you regarding questions or comments that you provide.

Once the meeting has been called to order, the sign-in sheet will no longer be available. At the discretion of the Chair, however, he/she may ask if anyone who did not sign up would like to comment.