Rider safety & service levels

We've got you covered. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and others safe while riding. Sound Transit will continue to track ridership and increase bus and train services in order to meet demand and safety.

Examples of people wearing masks

To protect yourself and others, wear a face covering when riding buses and trains and while waiting at the bus stop or station. 

And we know, not everyone can cover their face. Children under two or people with a disability that makes it hard to wear a face covering can still ride.

We want to provide a touch-free riding experience for as many riders as possible. Train or bus tickets are available touch-free by downloading the Transit GO Ticket app or using an ORCA card.

Fare checkers will not touch ORCA cards or paper tickets. If asked, hold up your ticket, ORCA card or activated Transit GO Ticket app to show you’ve paid for your ride.

Example of people keeping distance from each other

Please spread out on buses and trains and maximize the space between yourself and other riders. Always remain at least six feet (two meters) apart when possible.

Your health and safety are our priority. Here are a few things we're doing:

  • To protect bus operators, ST Express buses remain fare-free and all able riders must board via the rear door. 
  • Operators and security staff are wearing masks and audio and visual messages ask that riders wear face coverings.
  • Sound Transit cleans each Link and Sounder train car daily and removes any unsanitary trains from service. Please report unsanitary conditions, vandalism or anything else that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable by texting or calling: 206-398-5268.

If needed, riders with disabilities can board buses using the front door. Anyone with a disability that makes it hard for them to wear or remove a face covering may ride without one.

During June, Link fares will be $1 and Sounder fares will be $2, regardless of distance traveled.  The best way to get the Recovery Fare is to download the Transit Go Ticket app to buy tickets touch-free. The discounted fare will be available through the app and at Link and Sounder station ticket machines, and doesn’t include transfers to other buses or trains. Riders using ORCA cards will be charged regular fares and will receive transfer credit. 

We hope the temporary Recovery Fare makes riding a little easier – and affordable – for those that need it.

Reduced fares are available for youth, seniors and low-income.

With the ORCA LIFT card, income qualified adult riders can save money on ST Express buses, Sounder and Link light rail trains. To see if you qualify, call Public Health 800‐756‐5437.

As riders start returning to transit, we are beginning to run Link trains more often to provide enough space for riders to maintain six feet of separation. Beginning June 1, Link trains will operate every 20 minutes on weekdays from the start of service until approximately 9 p.m. Trains will continue to run every 30 minutes after 9 p.m. and on weekends. 

Learn more about temporarily Reduced Service.