Rider safety & service levels

We've got you covered. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and others safe while riding. Sound Transit will continue to track ridership and increase bus and train services in order to meet demand and safety.

Cover your face

Examples of people wearing masks

Wearing a mask is required for your health and safety when riding buses and trains and while waiting at the bus stop or station.

And we know, not everyone can wear a mask. Children under two or people with a disability that makes it hard to wear a face covering can still ride.

Learn more about the governor's mask orders and mask information from the Department of Health.

We want to provide a touch-free riding experience for as many riders as possible. Train or bus tickets are available touch-free by downloading the Transit GO Ticket app or using an ORCA card.

Example of people keeping distance from each other

We're all in this together. Here are a few things we ask of riders:

  • Maintain distance from fellow riders when possible.
  • Travel during less busy times, if you can.
  • Report unsanitary conditions, vandalism or anything else that makes you feel unsafe. Text or call ST Security: 206-398-5268.
  • Wash hands frequently and don’t ride if you're sick.

Your health and safety are our priority. Here are a few things we're doing:

  • Operators and security staff are wearing masks.
  • We are cleaning buses and trains every day.
  • We are quickly removing unsanitary trains from service.

Anyone with a disability that makes it hard for them to wear or remove a face covering may ride without one.

Reduced fares are available for youth, seniors and low-income riders.

With the ORCA LIFT card, income qualified adult riders can save money on ST Express buses, Sounder and Link light rail trains. To see if you qualify, call Public Health 800‐756‐5437.

Sound Transit is tracking ridership and is adjusting bus and train service in order to meet demand and safety. See our Service changes page for the latest changes.