Changes that affect my ride

Learn about how service changes may affect your upcoming trip.

Weekend Link closures in April

Weekend Link riders should prepare for delays during the month of April, when East Link construction will close stations between SODO and University of Washington. Free Link Shuttle buses will operate between all stations north of SODO. To learn more about the closures, read our Get ready for weekend Link closures in April blog post.

Adjusting service

Sound Transit is tracking ridership and is adjusting bus and train service in order to meet demand and safety. See our Service changes page for the latest changes.

Reduced fares

Reduced fares are available for youth, seniors and low-income riders.

With the ORCA LIFT card, income qualified adult riders can save money on ST Express buses, Sounder and Link light rail trains. To see if you qualify, call Public Health 800‐756‐5437