Changes that affect my ride

Learn about how service changes may affect your upcoming trip.

Sound Transit operates and maintains Link light rail, Sounder and provides express bus service throughout the Puget Sound region. To offer quality service to passengers, Sound Transit is committed to consistent maintenance and regular service adjustments to stay aligned with passenger needs. These activities may occasionally affect current service, so stay abreast of these and other changes by checking back regularly or sign up for alerts to be notified of changes that affect your ride by text or email.

T Line closure due to Hilltop Tacoma Link Ext. track work 

Map image for T-Line closure and shuttle information

T Line service is currently suspended due to construction work needed to connect the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension tracks to the existing T Line system. We will be running a free T Line shuttle, using the same schedule as the train, during the closure. Riders can access the shuttle via bus stops near the T Line.  

In addition to the construction, Theater District Station will be closed. Once the T Line begins operations after the closure, service will end at Commerce Street Station. All riders will need to get off the train at the end of the alignment. Please remember to stay alert and to use the crosswalk when crossing the tracks.  

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