Changes that affect my ride
Learn about how service changes may affect your upcoming trip.

Planned service disruptions

Getting ready for the 33 miles of Link extensions coming over the next few years involves a lot more than just construction on the projects themselves. It also means making sure that our existing operations are in top condition as we prepare to expand our transit system across the region.

As with any system that begins to age, the vehicles, tracks and facilities require maintenance so that our system can continue operating in a safe and reliable manner. This means that passengers will need to prepare for intermittent periods of less frequent service and replacement bus service when available.

Spring 2024 Planned Disruption

To take advantage of the remaining time before simulated service testing for the Lynnwood Link Extension followed by the extension of the 1 Line to Snohomish County on August 30, Sound Transit is using six weeks this spring to tackle five projects to support system expansion projects and state-of-good repair work.

The 1 Line service impacts will vary between May 12 and July 9, with the more impactful work happening June 1-2 and June 21-23. See below for a list of what service levels you should expect on the 1 Line during this time. 

Find more information about service impacts on the 1 Line disruption page.

Start dateEnd dateStations affectedImpactAlternate service
May 21June 25SystemwideAfter 11 p.m. on Tuesdays between May 21 and June 25, trains will arrive every 20 minutes until end of service. View alternate service maps
May 12June 23SeaTac/Airport, Angle Lake
  • Reduced service and intermittent closures between SeaTac/Airport– Angle Lake stations. During reduced service, trains will run normal service between Northgate – SeaTac/Airport, and a separate train will run every 20 minutes between SeaTac/Airport– Angle Lake.
  • No service between SeaTac/Airport Angle Lake on May 12 from start of service until noon, all day on June 1, on June 2 until 10 a.m., and all day on June 22.
Metro's Rapid Ride A Line provides 24-hour service between SeaTac/Airport– Angle Lake.
June 1June 2SODO, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach, Tukwila Int'l Blvd, SeaTac/Airport.

One platform at a time will be closed at Columbia City station for platform repair work. Trains will arrive every 10 minutes from Northgate–Stadium, and every 20 minutes from Stadium–SeaTac/Airport.

View alternate service maps
June 21June 23Capitol Hill, Westlake, University St., Pioneer Square, Int’l District/Chinatown, SODO Downtown Seattle stations will be closed from 10 p.m. June 21 until the end of service on June 23. Trains will run about every 15 minutes between Northgate–Capitol Hill and SODO-SeaTac/Airport. Bus shuttles will run between Capitol Hill–SODO about every 10-15 minutes.View alternate service maps

There are no planned service disruptions for Sounder at this time.

There are no planned service disruptions for ST Express buses at this time.