Changes that affect my ride
Learn about how service changes may affect your upcoming trip.

Planned service disruptions

Works replace platform tiles at Columbia City Station.

Getting ready for the 33 miles of Link extensions coming over the next few years involves a lot more than just construction on the projects themselves. It also means making sure that our existing operations are in top condition as we prepare to expand our transit system across the region.

As with any system that begins to age, the vehicles, tracks and facilities require maintenance so that our system can continue operating in a safe and reliable manner. This means that passengers will need to prepare for intermittent periods of less frequent service and replacement bus service when available.

Q1 2023: Downtown Seattle Tunnel Track Replacement Project

We will need to do additional track work in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel in order to maintain the aging tracks in that area.  The exact effects of this project are still being evaluated. Stay tuned for more updates as it gets closer.

Q1 2023: East Link Integration Project

This work will complete connections between the current 1 Line service and new 2 Line tracks that will connect riders to the Eastside. Effects on riders are still to be determined.

There are no planned service disruptions for Sounder at this time.

There are no planned service disruptions for ST Express buses at this time.