Recovery fare

Recognizing the financial toll that the sudden recession is taking on our riders, we are implementing a special Recovery Fare for the month of June. Link rides will be $1 and Sounder rides will be $2, regardless of distance traveled. ST Express buses and Tacoma Link light rail remain fare-free.

The temporary Recovery Fare is only available via paper tickets purchased at station ticket machines or digitally via the Transit GO Ticket app.

The June Recovery Fare is only available via paper tickets sold from station ticket machines or through the Transit GO Ticket app.

Riders using ORCA cards, including ORCA LIFT, will be charged regular fares and will receive transfer credit.

While maintaining social distancing, fare enforcement officers will request that riders show an ORCA card, activated Transit GO ticket or a paper ticket. Fare enforcement officers will ask riders who are unable to produce proof of ticket purchase to leave the train at the next station.

The Recovery Fare tickets do not allow transferring between services. If you need to transfer to complete your trip, use your ORCA or ORCA LIFT card to pay your fare on Link and Sounder.

Download the Transit GO Ticket app and purchase tickets on your own device to avoid using station ticket machines.