Bringing your bike
Everything you need to know about riding your bike and connecting with Sound Transit.

How to bring your bike on Link

Link trains accommodate a maximum of four bicycles per car. Enter trains through the middle doors (marked with a bicycle symbol).

There are two bicycle hooks for hanging bikes vertically. This hook area is for both luggage and bicycle storage, and is first come, first served. If the hooks are in use, one bicyclist may stand in each adjacent aisle.

To use the hook, maneuver your bicycle so that the front wheel is facing the hook area. Lift the front wheel up to a vertical position, place your knee on the saddle, and use your leg to help lift the bike up onto the hook. Look out for others around you as you hang your bike.

To stand with your bicycle, stand by the doors near the hook area, restrain your bike with one hand and hold on to a secure pole or strap with the other. It may be necessary to move your bicycle around to allow other riders to get on and off or move about the train.