Sea-Tac Airport

Fly past traffic to downtown Seattle by taking Link light rail. It's quick, it's easy and economical.

Your link to the airport

Getting to and from the airport has never been easier. It takes just 38 minutes between the airport and the heart of downtown Seattle.

You can also jump on a bus to get you to your destination. Check out our handy trip planner to get things started.

Headed to downtown Seattle or the University of Washington?

Link light rail is just the ticket with trains departing every 6-10 minutes most of the day. From baggage claim, follow the signs for Link light rail. The details: Go up one floor, head to the skybridge at the north end of the terminal, go left through the parking garage to the light rail station. For those that need it, a free electric shuttle service operates continuously between the light rail station and the airport’s main terminal. 

Check out our luggage etiquette and you’ll be set

Bus service, at your service

The most convenient route to the bus stops is exiting baggage claim at the southernmost door by carousel 1 and walking a short distance south to the bus stop.

Our buses and trains are fully accessible

If you need help between SeaTac/Airport light rail station and the airport terminal, take one of the free electric carts between the station and airport sky bridge (north end of the garage). The electric cart service operates from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily and is available to all. There is baggage storage on the back of the cart.

You can also call Prospect Airport Services at 206-246-1550 upon your arrival to the station and they will send someone with a wheelchair as soon as they can. Their hours of operation are 4 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.