Bel-Red Station

Street level station with 300 parking spaces.
Project map and surrounding area for Bel-Red Station

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Located between 130th and 132nd Avenues Northeast at Northeast Spring Boulevard, this station includes 300 parking spaces and supports future transit oriented development in Bellevue's new Spring District neighborhood.

Travel time: Bel-Red to International District/Chinatown - 24 minutes

Station art

PROJECT: Station Platform Balustrade
ARTIST: Patrick Marold (Denver, CO)
DESCRIPTION: Marold's artwork is the stainless steel guardrail that surrounds most of the station platform with a gentle, wandering line. This meandering gesture moves gradually up and down, drawn by an unseen hand. The reflection of light and shadows changes depending on the time of day or season of the year, creating a dynamic visual experience for those waiting for the train or simply passing through. Four benches will punctuate the guardrail, each made from colored glass layered with stainless steel and lit subtly from below.