South bellevue station

Located on Bellevue Way Southeast at the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride, this station includes bus and paratransit transfer facilities and 1,500 parking stalls. A bike and pedestrian trail allows for easy connections through Mercer Slough Nature Park and beyond.

Travel time: South Bellevue to Capitol Hill - 21 minutes

Station Art

  • PROJECT: Garage Façade Artworks
    • ARTIST: Katy Stone (Seattle)
    • DESCRIPTION: Stone’s impression of Mercer Slough is of constant movement: wind in the trees, birds flying through the air, little waves in the water. She has captured that feeling in her sculpture, designed to seem like a stand of cattails blowing in the wind. Stone has also created a perforated screen with a pattern reminiscent of ripples in the waters of the Slough for the station garage façade.
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  • PROJECT: Guideway Acoustic Panels and Station Columns
    • ARTIST: Vicki Scuri (Lake Forest Park, WA)
    • DESCRIPTION: On visits to Mercer Slough, Scuri was struck by the feeling of being under a canopy of dappled light. She will simulate that experience with patterns of local flora topping the guideway for hundreds of feet, on panels which will shield train noise from the surrounding neighborhood. Scuri’s artwork is made of complex leaf-like drawings with colors layered and rotated to create surfaces that change gradually over the length of the station. Giant-size painted leaves also wrap the station support columns in seasonal colors.
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