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Located on Bellevue Way Southeast at the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride, this station includes bus and paratransit transfer facilities and 1,500 parking stalls. A bike and pedestrian trail allows for easy connections through Mercer Slough Nature Park and beyond.

Travel time: South Bellevue to Capitol Hill - 21 minutes

Station art

PROJECT: Guideway Acoustic Panels and Station Columns
ARTIST: Vicki Scuri (Lake Forest Park, WA)
DESCRIPTION: Scuri's 900 foot long mural along the elevated train tracks celebrates the artist's experience of being under a canopy of dappled light during her visits to the Mercer Slough. Composed of a complex repeating pattern of abstracted images of the slough, Scuri's artwork is layered and rotated to create a continuous band that gradually changes to reflect the slough's seasonal colors. In addition to the trackway mural, Scuri will adorn the station's supporting columns with large leaf-shaped murals, changing in color to mirror the artwork above.

PROJECT: Garage Façade 
ARTIST: Katy Stone (Seattle, WA)
DESCRIPTION: Stone's impression of the nearby Mercer Slough Nature Park is one of constant motion: wind in the trees, birds flying through the air, little waves in the water. Her sculpture for the roofline of the station's garage will be reminiscent of a stand of cattails blowing in the wind and her designs for the garage screening may suggest ripples in the water or wind blowing through stands of reeds.