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Sound Transit Board selects Stride BRT projects to be built

The Sound Transit Board has selected the route, station locations and roadway improvements for Stride bus rapid transit on I-405 and SR-522/NE 145th. Stride BRT lines are scheduled to open in 2026…

Project timeline and outreach update

The steep rise in real estate and construction costs in the region have driven up cost estimates for future transit expansion projects, contributing to a $6.5 billion affordability gap for delivering…

Sound Transit Board selects BRT Maintenance Base project to be built Sound Transit Board selects BRT Maintenance Base project to be built

The Sound Transit Board today selected the Canyon Park area of Bothell as the site for the bus rapid transit maintenance base that will enable the operation of BRT on I-405 and SR-522. This action…

Sound Transit Board realignment action

As a project stakeholder, you’ve heard a lot about the Sound Transit Board’s ongoing work to advance our voter-approved projects in a challenging fiscal environment.

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What is the latest?

Since the start of the year, our team has been busy delivering our online open house and virtual city public meetings. Below you will find an update on our recent and upcoming activities. The…