Wilburton Station

East of I-405, serving medical facilities.
Project map and surrounding area for Wilburton Station

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Riders enter this station from a south entrance at Northeast 8th Street and a north entrance connecting to 116th Avenue Northeast via a new pedestrian walkway. This elevated station provides important access to nearby medical facilities and the growing Wilburton neighborhood.

Travel time: Wilburton Station to Mercer Island - 13 minutes

Station art

ARTIST: Phillip K. Smith III (Palm Springs, CA)
DESCRIPTION: Smith's landmark for the station will be a 40-foot tower that responds to the color of the sky and the changing light over the course of a day. An x-shaped column of mirrored surfaces will reflect the sky and station surroundings during the day. Internal lights will transform the sculpture into a column of colors during the darker hours of the day, changing and combining from early morning until full daylight, then again from dusk to the end of service in the evening.