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East Link Draft EIS documents including appendices

East Link is a voter-approved regional transportation project that is part of a comprehensive long-term expansion of mass transit in the region. Once completed, East Link will connect the Eastside's biggest population and employment centers with stations serving Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Bel-Red and Overlake in Redmond. By 2030, East Link will serve about 50,000 daily riders on one of the regions' most congested travel corridors.

Executive Summary, East Link Project Draft EIS  (.pdf, 9.6 mb)

East Link Project Draft EIS Appendices »


East Link Project Draft EIS

Fact Sheet, Preface and Table of Contents

 (.pdf, 1.9 kb)

1 Purpose and Need for East Link Project

 (.pdf, 894 kb)

2 Alternatives Considered

 (.pdf, 4.5 kb)

3 Transportation Environment and Consequences

 (.pdf, 8.7 mb)

4 Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences


4.1 Acquisitions, Displacements, and Relocations

 (.pdf, 215 kb)

4.2 Land Use

 (.pdf, 1.6 mb)

4.3 Economics

 (.pdf, 248 kb)

4.4 Social Impacts, Community Facilities, and Neighborhoods

 (.pdf, 1.4 mb)

4.5 Visual and Aesthetic Resources

 (.pdf, 1.5 mb)

4.6 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

 (.pdf, 329 kb)

4.7 Noise and Vibration

 (.pdf, 1.4 mb)

4.8 Ecosystem Resources

 (.pdf, 2.8 mb)

4.9 Water Resources

 (.pdf, 3 mb)

4.10 Energy Impacts

 (.pdf, 187 kb)

4.11 Geology and Soils

 (.pdf, 2.8 mb)

4.12 Hazardous Materials

 (.pdf, 874 kb)

4.13 Electromagnetic Fields

 (.pdf, 66 kb)

4.14 Public Services

 (.pdf, 224 kb)

4.15 Utilities

 (.pdf, 664 kb)

4.16 Historic and Archaeological Resources

 (.pdf, 5.8 mb)

4.17 Parklands and Open Space

 (.pdf, 4.6 mb)

5 Cumulative Impacts

 (.pdf, 1.2 mb)

6 Alternatives Evaluation

 (.pdf, 464 kb)

East Link Project Draft EIS Appendices 

A Document Support Information

 (.pdf, 364kb)  

     A-1 References


     A-2 List of Preparers


     A-3 List of Recipients


     A-4 Acronyms and Glossary


B Public Involvement and Agency Coordination

 (.pdf, 1.4mb)  

C Environmental Justice

 (.pdf, 2.4 mb) 

D Section 4(f)/6(f) Evaluation

 (.pdf, 3.8 mb) 

E Operating Plan Summary

 (.pdf, 129 kb) 

F Technical Appendices


     F-4.2 Land Use Plans, Goals, and Policies

 (.pdf, 315 kb)  

     F-4.3 Economics Existing Condition Data

 (.pdf, 132 kb) 

     F-4.5 Visual Consistency and Key Observation Point Analyses

 (.pdf, 4.9 mb) 

     F-4.6 Washington State Intersection Screening Tool (WASIST) Methodology and Results

 (.pdf, 484 kb) 

     F-4.9 Impervious Areas and Stormwater Facilities

 (.pdf, 173 kb) 

     F-4.11 Geologic Unit Summaries and Hazard Areas

 (.pdf, 3.2 mb) 

     F-4.17 Park and Recreational Resources Inventory

 (.pdf, 1.5 mb) 

     F-5 Reasonably Foreseeable Future Actions

 (.pdf, 117 kb) 

G East Link Maps and Drawings


G-1 Conceptual Design Drawings


     Cover/Table of Contents

 (.pdf, 288 kb) 


 (.pdf, 61 kb) 

    Segment A-Alternative A1

 (.pdf, 3.6 mb) 

    Segment A-Rainier Station

 (.pdf, 1.9 mb) 

    Segment A-Mercer Island Station

 (.pdf, 2.3 mb) 

    Segment B- Alternative B1

 (.pdf, 2.2 mb) 

    Segment B- Alternative B2A

 (.pdf, 7.8 mb) 

    Segment B- Alternative B2E

 (.pdf, 1.9 mb) 

    Segment B- Alternative B3

 (.pdf, 1.7 mb) 

    Segment B- Alternative B7

 (.pdf, 1.8 mb) 

    Segment B-S. Bellevue Station

 (.pdf, 3.4 mb) 

    Segment B-SE 8th Station

 (.pdf, 1.9 mb) 

    Segment B-118th St Station

 (.pdf, 618 kb) 

    Segment C-Alternative C1T

 (.pdf, 2.1 mb) 

    Segment C-Alternative C2T

 (.pdf, 3.9 mb) 

    Segment C-Alternative C3T

 (.pdf, 3.2 mb) 

    Segment C- Alternative C4A

 (.pdf, 4 mb) 

    Segment C-Alternative C7E

 (.pdf, 2.3 mb) 

    Segment C-Alternative C8E

 (.pdf, 2 mb) 

    Segment C-Old Bellevue Station

 (.pdf, 1.6 mb) 

    Segment C- Bellevue Transit Center Station

 (.pdf, 9 mb) 

    Segment C- Ashwood/Hospital Station

 (.pdf, 4.6 mb) 

    Segment C-East Main Station

 (.pdf, 2.8 mb) 

    Segment C-Hospital Station

 (.pdf, 482 kb) 

    Segment D-Alternative D2A

 (.pdf, 2.1 mb ) 

    Segment D-Alternative D2E

 (.pdf, 2 mb) 

    Segment D- Alternative D3

 (.pdf, 2 mb) 

    Segment D- Alternative D5

 (.pdf, 2.2 mb) 

    Segment D- Maintenance Facilities

 (.pdf, 1.3 mb) 

    Segment D-124th Ave NE Station

 (.pdf, 991 kb) 

    Segment D-130th Ave NE Station

 (.pdf, 1.3 mb) 

    Segment D- Overlake Village Station

 (.pdf, 3.4 mb)  

    Segment D-Overlake Transit Center Station

 (.pdf, 891 kb) 

    Segment E-Alternative E1

 (.pdf, 2.9 mb) 

    Segment E-Alternative E2

 (.pdf, 2.9 mb) 

    Segment E-Alternative E4

 (.pdf, 2.5 mb) 

    Segment E- Maintenance Facility

 (.pdf, 669 kb) 

    Segment E- Redmond Town Center Station

 (.pdf, 1.4 mb) 

    Segment E-SE Redmond Station

 (.pdf, 5.1 mb)  

    Segment E-Redmond Transit Center Station

 (.pdf,  1.8 mb) 

G-2 Potentially Affected Parcels by Alternative

 (.pdf, 5 mb)  

G-3 Hazardous Material Sites

 (.pdf, 1.3 mb)  

H Technical Background Reports


     H-1 Transportation Technical Report

 (.pdf, 9 mb) 

     H-2 Noise and Vibration Technical Report

 (.pdf, 12 mb) 

     H-3 Ecosystems Technical Report

 (.pdf, 3.6 mb)  

     H-4 Historical and Archaeological Resources Technical Report

 (.pdf, 10.8 mb) 

     H-4 Historical and Archaeological Resources Technical Report App. A-B

 (.pdf, 6.7 mb) 

     H-4 Historical and Archaeological Resources Technical Report App. C-D

 (.pdf, 6.2 mb)