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Looking toward the escalators at the entrance to U District Station.
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Follow us to the platform of U District Station for an exclusive tour!

Explore U District and Roosevelt Stations

Check out Northgate when all three open to the public on Oct. 2.

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Want to explore two new Link light rail stations before they open? You're in luck! 

The newest stations along the 1 Line - U District, Roosevelt and Northgate - will begin serving passengers on Oct. 2. That's less than two months away!

We can't wait for the public to discover all that awaits in the new facilities - from public art to new signage and more.

Two of the stations (U District and Roosevelt) are underground, so it's been harder to see the progress over the years than at the elevated and outdoor Northgate Station. 

We're taking our Platform readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of these stations, using Matterport technology. It should even work on your VR headset! 

Keep an eye out for fun facts informational tidbits along your tour (and find out more information by clicking on the blue and white circles). And don't mind the equipment - there's still a bit of work left to do before opening day.

U District Station:


Roosevelt Station:

You can also check out our previous Platform story to see 360 photos taken during construction of the new stations.

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