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A worker in a red hard hat and yellow vest works with rebar.
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Marymoor Village is one of two stations under construction as part of the Downtown Redmond Link Extension.

Fresh pics: Getting Redmond ready for light rail

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This winter has been a busy time for light rail construction in Redmond, with a ton of progress made near the future Marymoor Village Station and garage.

The Downtown Redmond Link Extension will connect Redmond with the larger Puget Sound region, adding 3.4 miles and two stations to your regional light rail network. 

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Keep scrolling for some fresh pics of the project: 

A drone shot of a construction site in Redmond for the future Marymoor Village Station.
The future 2 Line will actually travel through the Marymoor Village garage. Riders will be able to access the center platform directly through the garage as well as from NE 70th Street. 
A light rail platform under construction, with a parking garage behind it.
The canopies and platform for the Marymoor Village Station have been installed. During peak commuting times, trains will run every eight minutes from this location.
A parking garage under construction.
The Marymoor Village Garage will be six stories tall, with 1,400 car parking spaces, 36 on-demand bicycle storage lockers, and includes 90 kW of solar on the top floor. 
The first floor of the parking garage under construction.
The first floor is dedicated to transit, with two bus bays for drop off and pick up as well as five layover bus parking bays. Public parking will be available on floors two through six.
Rows of rail along the road and construction equipment.
Between the Marymoor Village Station and Downtown Redmond Station, crews are preparing to install the first train tracks on the project. Crews receive deliveries of rail which are then joined together and pulled along the alignment to the location where they will be installed. To the north (left in this photo) of the track is the new Bear Creek bridge that will directly connect the East Lake Sammamish Trail to the Redmond Central Connector and Bear Creek Trails.
A white truck is parking under elevated guideway for light rail.
One of the reasons crews are preparing to pull rail along the alignment is that all above-grade structures have been completed. In other words, one could walk the length of the Downtown Redmond Link Extension - from NE 40th Street in the south to Downtown Redmond in the north - on an uninterrupted path. The elevated structure in this photo will hold the Downtown Redmond Station which will straddle 166th Ave NE with access from both sides.  
Two workers in hard hats and yellow jackets smile.
Thanks to all the workers making this project come to life!

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