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A person operates a Link train.
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Trains were rolling in Bellevue and Redmond earlier in November for OCS live wire testing.

Fresh pics: Live wire testing continues for East Link

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Overnight live-wire light rail vehicle testing has been rolling out on the East Link light rail tracks.

Crews are conducting several tests this month, with trains moving at speeds of 20-30 mph on the tracks between the 120th/Spring District and Redmond Technology stations.

It's the first time we've had trains moving at line speeds and under their own power in the city of Redmond, and we got some behind-the-scenes shots of the work. 

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As testing continues, please stay safe around tracks and trains

Keep scrolling for some fresh pics:

A group of people wearing hard hats and yellow jackets walk next to a Link train.
A person wearing a hard hat and orange vest looks at four computer screens.
A Link train at a platform in Bellevue.
Two people stand in the operator cab of a Link train.
A crew member looks at the camera, wearing a yellow jacket and hard hat with a Link train in the background.

The East Link light rail line will extend 14 miles from downtown Seattle to the Overlake area in Redmond, with 10 stations in Mercer Island, South Bellevue, downtown Bellevue, and the BelRed area, before reaching Redmond as part of the Downtown Redmond Link Extension. When in service, East Link will operate as the 2 Line.

Part of East Link is the new Operations and Maintenance Facility East in Bellevue, where light rail cars will be stored and maintained.

In addition to creating mobility throughout the region, the transit oriented development around this site will make it possible for more people to live and work near light rail.

Check out a video of the facility, which opened last year:

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