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Barbara Earl Thomas wears an orange vest and hard hat while smiling in front of her art at Judkins Park Station.

Fresh pics: New art installed at Judkins Park Station in Seattle

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One of the best parts about seeing a huge project like a light rail station come together is imagining the generations of people who will use it. 

The art pieces on the Judkins Park Station platform are based on the idea of passing the torch from one generation to another.

Judkins Park Station is located in Seattle's Central District, next to Jimi Hendrix Park and the Northwest African American Museum, as well as the I-90 trail. 

The artist, Barbara Earl Thomas, is a native of South Seattle. Some of the other art pieces at the station honor the connection of Hendrix to the neighborhood. 

Translating her cut-paper images into glass and metal, Thomas' work tells a story in pictures across some of the station's platform windscreens.

"'A Walk in the Neighborhood,' my visual theatre, celebrates the landscape and the creatures that one might encounter during a stroll through my Seattle home," she explained. "Nearby you’ll find two of my dear friends, August Wilson and Charles Johnson, whose literary works remain always poised to take us on endless flights of the mind."

Check out some fresh pics of the art installation, featuring the artist herself! 

Barbara Earl Thomas sits on a bench at Judkins Park Station, in front of the windscreens she designed. She wears an orange vest and hard hat, as the station is still under construction.
Barbara Thomas and a Sound Transit employee walk down the stairs to the Judkins Park Station platform.
Etched drawings by Barbara Earl Thomas are installed on the glass platform windscreens.
Barbara Earl Thomas uses a cell phone to take a photo of her art.
Concept art by Barbara Earl Thomas is taped to the glass of a windscreen on a light rail station platform.

Thomas shared some photos on her Instagram page as well, with more explanation of the inspiration behind the art. 

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