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Workers install sculptures on top of the new Hilltop District station.

Fresh pics: Installing art along the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension

Check out Tacoma artist Kenji Stoll's work at the new stations

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A big construction project isn't the only thing getting us ready to open the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension next year. 

At the end of July, crews started to install the art pieces by Kenji Stoll that will beautify the new stations. 

Stoll is a visual artist based in Tacoma. He has an interest and focus in public art, large scale murals, design and community development. 

Kenji Stoll wears a hard hat and looks on as construction crews install his art.
Kenji Stoll looks on as crews install his art.

 The Hilltop extension more than doubles the length of the T Line, starting with a relocated Theater District station, and adding six new stations.

These connect to popular destinations such as the Stadium District, Wright Park and major medical facilities before reaching the Hilltop neighborhood.

Platforms are located in the center roadway, and the art pieces are on top of the stations. 

Check out more fresh pics from the install:

New art is installed at Stadium District Station.
Crews stand on top of a station while installing an art piece.
A closer look at the art pieces, sculptures designed by Kenji Stoll.
An art piece rests on the ground as construction crews get ready to use machinery to lift and install it.
Looking through the art piece at the signage for Tacoma General Station.

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