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A drone shot of the OMF in Tacoma.
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A drone captures the scene at the OMF in Tacoma.

Fresh pics: Tying in Hilltop Tacoma

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Amid a historic heat wave last month, construction crews made amazing progress on the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension.

They connected the existing Tacoma Link line to the new rail yard at the expanded Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) at East 25th Street in the Dome district in Tacoma.

We're thankful to our riders for their patience, as we had to shut Tacoma Link down for a few weeks to complete the work. And we're grateful to the workers who battled the elements! 

We were able to get a few fresh pics of the facility recently. Check them out! 

A drone shot of the new OMF in Tacoma, with the Tacoma Dome in the background.
The expanded OMF will accommodate five new light rail vehicles.
Two workers smooth concrete on the Tacoma construction site.
This project more than doubles the length of Tacoma Link.
A construction worker kneels down to work on the light rail tracks.
The Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension opens in 2023!
Light rail tracks are installed in Tacoma.
Future service will connect the Hilltop and Stadium Districts to our Sounder Tacoma Dome Station.

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