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Workers watch the new light rail vehicle arrive in downtown Tacoma.
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First of five new trains arrive to begin final testing for the expanded T line.

Fresh pics: New light rail vehicle arrives in Tacoma

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Tacoma Link is getting bigger and better - and adding new vehicles to connect more people to more places in the city. 

When the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension opens next year, passengers will be able to ride to popular destinations such as the Stadium District, Wright Park and major medical facilities before reaching the new Hilltop neighborhood terminus.

The project will more than double the length of the current T Line.

It also includes expansion of the Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) located on East 25th Street to accommodate five new light rail vehicles - adding to the three we already have. 

The first of these new vehicles manufactured by Brookville Equipment Corporation in Brookeville, PA arrived this month, and we have some fresh pics for you! 

A Tacoma Link vehicle pulls into the OMF.
The new vehicle pulls into the OMF.
A new light rail vehicle pulls into the OMF in Tacoma.
Looking good!
The inside of the new light rail vehicles for Tacoma Link.
The interior of the new vehicle.
A map of the stops along Tacoma Link shows the new ones that will be added in 2023.
Coming soon: six new stations!
The logo of Brookville Equipment Corporation inside the new vehicle.
The vehicle was shipped from Pennsylvania by the Brookville Equipment Corporation.
A close up of the Sound Transit logo on the front of the new Tacoma Link vehicle.
Tacoma Link is an important part of Sound Transit history.

Tacoma Link was the first light rail service Sound Transit opened (2003), and remains the only one we operate (we contract with local partners for other services, including Link light rail, Sounder trains and ST Express buses). 

It's so exciting to see this next phase in its evolution. 

If you haven't recently, head to Tacoma and check out the progress! 

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