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Angle Lake Station at night

Late night 1 Line service to see changes starting March 30

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If you've ever been on a 1 Line train late at night, you know that service can look a little different than during the day.

The last eight northbound (to Northgate) trains go out of service at Stadium Station instead of taking passengers all the way to the end of the line, beginning with the midnight trip departing Angle Lake Station. This arrangement allows for overnight maintenance on portions of the system.

However, some adjustments are happening on March 30 as part of our service change

Starting with the 12:12 a.m. trip departing Angle Lake, the last four trains will end northbound service at Beacon Hill Station because it is closer to the Operations and Maintenance Facility, where the trains are stored overnight.

We adjusted the schedule to allow testing and certification work for our upcoming 1 Line extension to Lynnwood, which we expect to open later this year. 

For late-night passengers, when service ends at Beacon Hill Station, you can transfer to Route 36 at the Beacon Ave S and Lander St stop to get to 3rd Ave and Pine St in downtown Seattle. 

For passengers who want more transfer opportunities, we recommend getting off the 1 Line at Mount Baker Station, where you can transfer to Route 7 and connect to downtown Seattle. Or transfer to Route 48, which serves the University of Washington area.

From here, passengers needing to get to Roosevelt or Northgate can take Route 67 to get to their destinations. If you are curious about other late-night transit options, check out Seattle’s Night Owl Buses map here

Overall, we understand that having trains not end service at the expected terminus can be confusing and stressful when passengers find themselves in this situation, so we hope that sharing this information will help folks plan. 

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