A construction worker in the bottom right corner of the photo is dwarfed by construction equipment and a large drill shaft.
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Drill shaft work in Shoreline in July.

Lynnwood Link reaches another milestone

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Civil construction on the Lynnwood Link extension is now 25 percent complete, marking a major milestone.

It's hard to believe we broke ground on the project just over a year ago and now, crews are completing the final drill shafts. 

These are the structures that support the Link guideways, trains and most importantly, the passengers as they eventually ride between south Snohomish County and the University of Washington, downtown Seattle, the Eastside, Sea-Tac Airport and more.

When the extension opens in 2024, a trip from Lynnwood Transit Center to downtown Seattle will take less than 30 minutes! 

The extension includes four new stations serving Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline and Seattle.

More than 130 of the project’s 188 columns are complete, and 50 girder spans are now finished.

Three construction workers in lifts shine lights on the underside of a large concrete girder. Photo was taken at night.
Nighttime construction work on Lynnwood Link in September.

Construction continues

The project made a major advance late last month with the first part of installation of falsework to support the elevated light rail guideway crossing I-5 in Mountlake Terrace.

The falsework consists of temporary steel column systems between and outside girders that support constructing the concrete deck that light rail trains will eventually travel over.

The rest of the falsework installation will be completed early next year. 

In addition to the progress on the alignment, work is underway on three new garages, which will add 1,500 additional parking spaces for riders in Shoreline and Lynnwood. 

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