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Sound Transit in the News: Your Weekly News Roundup

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The biggest story this week was the work began on the I-90 pontoons for East Link construction. Here's a video news report from inside and an interactive 360° shot. 

Holiday Schedules for July 4th and DSTT Closure This Weekend: Enjoy safe rides home from the fireworks on extended service from King County Metro and Sound Transit.

Mountlake Terrace Station Reaches 60% Design: Mountlake Terrace Station is part of the Lynnwood Link Extension set to open in 2023. The Urbanist runs down the new updates to the design and gives an overview of the project as a whole. 

Sound Transit will study an elevated line in downtown Redmond: Originally planned to be at grade, Sound Transit is going to also study an elevated option in Redmond as part of it's Downtown Redmond Link Extension slated to open in 2024.

Reprieve for bus riders in Seattle’s transit tunnel, but cascading projects to multiply traffic challenges: The Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel likely won't close until 2019 but there are still a lot of challenges ahead for riders, including the closure of the D2 roadway (ramp from I-90 to the tunnel) closing for East Link Extension construction. 

ST Wins $88 million Federal Loan: The loan is for construction of the Operations and Maintenance Facility: East and will save area taxpayers through lower interest rates. 

SR520 Route Restructure Open House: In response to growing ridership, increased congestion, new construction challenges and new opportunities to connect to Link, Sound Transit and King County Metro have been working with local riders and residents to explore service changes to SR 520 bus routes.

First Hill site cleared for affordable housing: Transit and Housing go together like peas and carrots. 

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