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ST Spotlight: More transit technology on the way

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Technology is a big deal for Sound Transit riders. We know that 68 percent of riders get their schedule information online while 64 percent get information on their mobile devices. To keep up with the ever-increasing demand, our Research and Technology Program has several projects already completed or underway:

  • The first phase of the improved Trip Planner and open transit data information projects are complete.
  • A developers' portal makes open transit data available to software developers in the region to build applications like OneBusAway
  • An improved mobile website.
  • The Transit GO Ticket app, a collaborative pilot project with King County Metro now available for download, enables transit riders to purchase tickets in advance on mobile devices.
  • Link real-time data is now live, and Sounder real-time data is on its way.

These projects help us get more reliable information to customers, so you can better move around the region.

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