Mercer Island station in the final design phase

Publish Date

Sound Transit has reached an important milestone! Plans for the Mercer Island station have completed final design and we are eager to share this update with you. During final design, project architects and engineers defined the light rail system and determined the technical specifications for the stations and track and will begin preparing for construction.

The East Link project team actively sought public feedback at key design milestones including the engagement of the Mercer Island Advisory Group. This input was shared with the project team and considered with attention to feasibility and design standards.

We've designed a narrated PowerPoint presentation to walk through the station's design, landscaping and artwork planned for Mercer Island. We have also updated our station fact sheet to reflect the latest design.

Stay tuned

Now that the station has completed final design, construction is right around the corner.

Sound Transit will host a 'Meet the Contractor' Open House in Spring 2017 as construction is planned to begin in the middle of 2017. More information about what you can expect during construction will be available in the coming months.