Image of construction worker working on Northgate Link Extension
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Masonry worker laying concrete blocks for Roosevelt Station’s north head house.

So long 2018, hello 2019!

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Last year was a great year with a significant number of accomplishments to the Northgate Link Extension project. We are proud to announce that the extension, which includes 4.3 miles of track and three stations (U District, Roosevelt and Northgate), are at 70 percent completion! From opening a parking garage to completing the majority of the concrete structure of the underground stations, we have many milestones we are excited to share with you. 

What does 2019 have in store for you? We’re glad you asked. We’ll be working on the finer details of construction—including the building finishes, installation of escalators, elevators and stairways—as well as early facility and track testing. 2021 and the opening of the Northgate Link Extension is right around the corner!

Overview of U District Station
U District Station from above. You can see the steel framework for the escalators and stairs to be installed on the right side of the photo.

U District Station

In 2018, Sound Transit’s contractor spent 335,000 total work hours finishing large portions of the project, including completing the concrete structure for the 80-foot-deep underground station. Our contractor celebrated the year-end with the milestone of placing the underground station’s lid to complete the box structure that makes up the station, and starting the above-grade station structure.

As we enter a new phase of construction, you can expect to see new and permanent restoration projects around the station. Street improvements on Brooklyn Avenue Northeast and Northeast 43rd Street will receive new paving and stripping, added bike lanes and plantings, as well as improved curbs, sidewalks and lighting. It’s all pretty exciting stuff. During this time, our contractor will continue to build out the station’s interior and start commissioning activities needed to complete construction. 

Image of Roosevelt Station from above January 2019
This view looks down on the north station entrance head house from the tower crane. That's Roosevelt High School across the street. To the left, where you can see construction material staging, will be 200+ affordable apartments.

Roosevelt Station

When shopping or passing through Roosevelt’s urban village, you likely saw two large, nearly finished steel structures pop up over the fencing. These two ‘head houses’ are the future entrances into the underground station; they house the elevators, escalators, public stairs to the platform, and provide ventilation for the station and tunnels.

Our contractor ended 2018 by starting street improvement work around the station’s adjacent streets. You will start to see new concrete and asphalt paving, sidewalks, curbs and more very soon. What’s our next big milestone? Permanent power to the station starting this spring!

Finally, the Roosevelt Station transit oriented development site (TOD) just west of the north head house, received approval from the Federal Transit Administration to start the development and construction process. To read more about TOD and Sound Transit please check out our website here.

Image of Northgate Station construction January 2019
Overview of Northgate Station’s elevated track and station; photo taken on top of Sound Transit’s new Northgate Station Parking Garage.

Northgate Station 

With Northgate Station being the only station above ground, milestones are a little easier to see. Last year Sound Transit and our contractor completed the elevated track and, in November, celebrated the grand opening of the new Northgate Station Parking Garage. With approximately 450 parking spaces, the garage is located between the future light rail station and the current Metro Transit (bus) Center and the Northgate Mall; easy connection any direction! 

Next up? Escalators, stairs and elevators! Early in the summer our contractor will be setting a prefabricated pedestrian bridge west of the Northgate Station Parking Garage, which will allow direct access between the station’s plaza and the first level of the parking garage. The platform will feature concrete pavers and the north end of the station will have a steel art trellis. In late summer crews will install glass art from a local artist to enclose the station’s west side. 

Finally, did you know that Northgate Station will be a connecting point for the future Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) pedestrian and bicycle bridge that crosses over Interstate 5? To learn more about this project and SDOT’s Northgate Neighborhood Greenway Project, click on the links below:

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