Sound Transit and Seattle City Light utility pole replacement project

Publish Date

Beginning as early as Monday, Jan. 22, Seattle City Light will begin replacing 33 utility poles and adding 7 new poles in the Mount Baker neighborhood to support Sound Transit's East Link light rail extension. New poles will be placed alongside existing poles and will meet standard heights and widths required for overhead power line construction. The new poles are approximately 5 feet taller, will be slightly larger in diameter and will have slightly larger wire than existing poles. Please see below for more information about what you can expect.

Map of utility pole replacements for the Judkins Park station construction.

What to expect:

  • Crews will begin replacing poles and transfer wires as early as Jan. 22. This is anticipated to take approximately four months to complete.
  • Poles will be delivered and may be staged on sidewalks in the project area.
  • Work will occur during daytime hours within the public right-of-way along sidewalks and streets.
  • Local traffic detours may be necessary – please follow direction of flaggers to safely access your destination.
  • Maintenance power outages are required to do the work safely. Crews will provide 24-48 hours advance notification that specifies the date, time and duration of the outage.
  • Once new poles and equipment are installed, existing poles may remain and will be removed at a later date.