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Artist Beliz Brother supervises the installation at Mercer Island Station. She wears an orange vest and white hard hat and looks at a blue metal sculpture of a rowboat.
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Artist Beliz Brother supervises the installation at Mercer Island Station.

Fresh pics: Art connects Mercer Island Station to local history, scenery

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Mercer Island Station got a pop of color this summer, as public art pieces by local artist Beliz Brother were installed. 

It's amazing to see new transit stations coming together and getting ready to serve the public.

Our team was onsite for the art installation, and so was Brother. Check out a video of the install:

One of Brother's pieces, a bottle-brush-like cluster of oars suspended above the entrance staircase, serves as a reference to the island's boating culture.

Brother took inspiration for historical photographs, and from life experience.

"It was an island that was not connected to land for many years – it didn’t have a bridge until 1940," Brother said. "The form of transportation was boats: ferries and canoes, sailboats and rowboats."

Workers install a sculpture of orange oars at Mercer Island Station.
This sculpture is at the west entrance of the station.

Brother creates elegant sculptural objects inspired by natural forms, often in contrast to their architectural settings.

The second sculpture above the staircase at the east entrance is a delicate, balancing form of simple shapes, suggesting the bobbing of a boat upon the water.

A blue sculpture is suspended in Mercer Island Station. It looks like a rowboat.
Check out the new art next time you're near the station!

"The lake is really important to me," Brother said. "It’s almost a daily occurrence that I walk along the lake… and see Mercer Island. I swim almost every day in the summer. So I feel connected."

Light rail will connect Mercer Island to the rest of the regional transit network when the East Link Extension opens as the 2 Line. Go here for more information about the East Link project.

An aerial shot of Mercer Island Station, with I-90 visible and Lake Washington in the background.
Mercer Island Station will open as part of the East Link project.

Fourteen miles long, East Link includes 10 stations from Seattle's International District to Judkins Park, across I-90 to Mercer Island and South Bellevue, and through downtown Bellevue and the Bel-Red area to Redmond Technology Station. 

Public art at the stations is funded by the Sound Transit Art, or STart, program. Go here for more information.

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