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Thank you for taking transit, Taylor Swift fans!

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What a wild weekend it was... and we know All Too Well that these unprecedented crowds made taking transit tough at times. So, we want to say THANK YOU.  

Thank you not just for taking transit, but for being patient and being kind to your fellow passengers. Thank you for keeping things civil and functional so everyone could get home safely and as quickly as possible after these events. 

Thank you to Mariner fans (and, yes, Blue Jays fans too). The sold-out games finished just at the time when the Swifties were arriving for the concert. The sports fans showed the same patience and great behavior, even though the area around the stadiums was jam-packed.  

And a shout out to the folks at the Capitol Hill Block Party and the Bite of Seattle for their help in making everything run smoothly last weekend.  

Given everything that’s been going on in July, it’s no wonder we had record-breaking ridership several times this month across Link light rail, Sounder, and ST Express that surpassed our Wildest Dreams.  

July has been a record-breaking month for 1 Line ridership, with the All-Star Game and the twin Taylor Swift concerts coming on top of a very busy summer calendar in Seattle.  

We're still crunching the numbers, but early reports suggest that the previous ridership record has been broken on at least nine days in July alone. 

That’s great news for public transit fans, but it also means there were moments where we had more passengers than we could handle at once.  

People had to wait while we metered access to the International District/Chinatown station for the safety of our riders. Some trains were so full by the time they got to the station that there was no more room for anyone to board. We brought in extra trains to alleviate the jam, but we know it was a drag to wait.  

Thank you for being patient with us, especially after events were over. We’re actively learning from this weekend and taking steps to improve the rider experience around future concerts and events. 

Finally, thank you for riding with us and for breaking our records. We’ll see you next time! 

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