East Link Extension ongoing road closures

Sound wall construction in Bellevue.

Stay up-to-date on upcoming and ongoing long-term lane, street, intersection, highway and on-ramp closures related to the East Link Light rail extension project.

I-90 area

Mercer Island

Dec. 11 – Jan. 31

Map of Island Crest Eastbound HOV off-ramp closure Dec. 11-Jan. 31

Island Crest Way Eastbound HOV off-ramp is planned to be closed daily beginning as early as Oct. 23 until Dec. 11, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Drivers will be able to use the West Mercer Way and 77th Avenue eastbound off-ramps.


South Bellevue area

24-hour closure: The sidewalk on Bellevue Way Southeast between the Wye at 112th Avenue Southeast and the South Bellevue Station site is closed. This closure will continue for approximately 2 ½ years; people biking and walking should seek alternate routes.

24-hour closure: The sidewalk on the west side of 112th Avenue Southeast, between East Main and Southeast 6th is closed due to construction activities on the west side of 112th Avenue Southeast. People walking are asked to use the sidewalk on the east side of 112th Avenue Southeast, crossing at the signalized intersections located at Main Street and Southeast 6th. The King County Metro bus stop located between Main Street and Southeast 4th has been relocated to a new location on the west side of 112th Avenue Northeast, north of Main Street. The King County Metro stop located south of Southeast 4th has been relocated to a new location on the west side of 112th Avenue Southeast, south of Southeast 6th.

24-hour closure: Southeast 15th Street has been closed and will remain closed for approximately three years, as crews prepare the area for construction of the road-over-rail crossing. Workers and visitors wishing to access Bellefield Office Park can use 114th Avenue Southeast from Southeast 8th Street.

24-hour closure: The parking lots at the Winters House and Blueberry Farm are closed for East Link construction. Access to Mercer Slough Park and the trail system will remain open. During the closure, parking is available at a new temporary parking lot located near the South Bellevue Station site. The new lot is for Mercer Slough Park users and a 3-hour maximum will be enforced. Commuter parking will NOT be allowed at this lot.

Central Bellevue area

No current long-term closures.

Overlake area

Overlake Village Station

Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 28, East Link construction crews will close 152nd Avenue Northeast near State Road 520 until Tuesday, Dec. 12. This works is needed to relocate utilities ahead of light rail train guideway construction.