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Spring neighborhood forums wrap-up
Thanks to everyone who took the time to spend a morning or an evening with us at our recent neighborhood forums! These forums generated important conversations and key insights to help the project team continue to refine project alternatives. Your feedback is being shared with our Stakeholder Advisory Group, Elected Leadership Group and the Sound Transit Board

We’ll be planning another round of forums for later this year, so keep an eye out for more dates and details to come this summer.

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Next steps for alternatives development
On May 17, the Elected Leadership Group reviewed the Stakeholder Advisory Group’s Level 1 recommendation for project alternatives to be carried forward into Level 2 and made their own Level 1 recommendation. The Sound Transit Board will be briefed on the leadership group’s recommendation on May 24.

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Find us at summer festivals!
As the days get longer and sunnier, communities all over Seattle are gearing up for fairs, festivals and farmers markets. Starting in June, our project team will be out and about sharing information and enjoying the sunshine. Keep an eye out for our booths and stop by to chat with us! Watch for an event schedule in future email updates.

Upcoming events
Sound Transit Board meeting on Thursday, May 24

Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting on Wednesday, May 30

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Request a briefing. If you are part of a business or community organization that would like to host a briefing, get in touch.