REMINDER: New I-90 HOV Lanes to Open Weekend of June 3

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WSDOT and Sound Transit are gearing up for changes coming to I-90 during the weekend of June 3. If you drive on I-90 between Seattle and Bellevue, you'll notice some changes including shifting three existing lanes to the right side of the roadway and the opening of new full-time HOV lanes in both the east and westbound directions.

At the same time, the I-90 express lanes will permanently close as Sound Transit begins East Link light rail construction from Seattle to Redmond. This will be a change for all I-90 corridor users and could take several weeks for users to adjust to the new lanes.

The images below show what will change in Seattle, Mercer Island and along the East Channel Bridge, between Mercer Island and Bellevue. More resources for what you can expect are available here.

Map of I-90 closures and changes for Seattle.

Map of I-90 closures and changes for Mercer Island.

Map of I-90 closures and changes for the East Channel Bridge.