A T Line train traveling on a tree-lined street in Tacoma.
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Mar 7

Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee's responsibilities include oversight and review of…

Mar 7

Rider Experience & Operations Committee Meeting

The Rider Experience and Operations Committee oversees the agency's operating…

Mar 13

Community Oversight Panel Meeting

Monitoring Sound Transit’s performance in meeting its public commitments. Learn…

Mar 14

Public Hearing on Service Plan Phase 2: ST Express

The purpose of this hearing is to receive public comment on Sound Transit’s…

Mar 14

Finance and Audit Committee Meeting

The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for the oversight/review of the…

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System expansion

Planning and building fast, reliable transit

New voter-approved Link light rail, Sounder train and ST Express bus rapid transit projects are underway. See how this new service can get you to your destination.

The Platform

Westlake and Chinatown-International District stations are the first Sound Transit stations to use GoodMaps app’s 3D mapping technology.

Trains are running between Bellevue and Redmond every day preparing for opening.

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