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A stack of rail in the foreground, with the Federal Way Transit Center in the background.
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Getting ready for rail in South King County.

Fresh pics: Light rail progress in Federal Way

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The north end of our region has gotten a lot of attention lately, with the opening three new light rail stations up to Northgate and the Lynnwood Link Extension reaching 50 percent completion. 

Another project is making equally exciting progress: the Federal Way Link Extension. 

This project extends Link light rail from Angle Lake Station in the city of SeaTac to the Federal Way Transit Center, helping make it easier for residents of South King County move all around the region. 

The 7.8-mile extension, set to open in 2024, includes three stations in Kent/Des Moines near Highline College, South 272nd Street and the Federal Way Transit Center.

An aerial view of construction at the Federal Way Transit Center.
Construction continues at the Federal Way Transit Center.

It's one of a few projects coming online in 2024 - the Lynnwood and Downtown Redmond Extensions are also set to open that year, and East Link will already be in operation as the 2 Line. 

Down south, construction crews have been busy setting bridge girders for the light rail guideway.

Light rail guideway under construction.
Trains go here.

The Federal Way Link Extension includes more than just light rail. All three stations will add parking, for a total of 3,200 spaces along the route.

The parking garage at South 272nd Street is coming along nicely:

A yellow crane looms above a construction site.
Looking good in Kent!
Two construction workers in hard hats and vests work on a rebar cage.
Working hard on that rebar.
An excavator at work on a construction site.
Now that's some heavy construction.

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