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Update on new Mukilteo projects

Publish Date

In December we shared with you seven new potential improvements we’re considering to make it easier to take Sounder from Mukilteo Station. These are in addition to the 16 potential improvements shared at open houses in October. 

Public feedback

We outlined these seven ideas in our Sound Transit newsletter and on social media, and 19 people shared their feedback. The majority of commenters opposed the idea of commuter parking at St. John Mission Church, with concerns about traffic and neighborhood compatibility. In addition, several people disliked the idea of parking at a privately funded garage at the ferry holding lanes. Comments on other potential improvements were mixed. 


We’ve finished evaluating these seven new potential improvements on the criteria of ridership, consistency, implementation, access and the environment, taking into account public feedback. The chart below shows more about these criteria, and the evaluation information for each potential improvement is on our website. 

Edmonds & Mukilteo goals chart

Under this evaluation, we’ve advanced four for additional study:

  • 2nd St. streetscape improvements
  • SR 525 bicycle improvements from 5th St. to 76th St. SW
  • Parking improvements near Mukilteo Station
  • Pick-up/drop-off enhancements

We’re also eliminating three of the new concepts from further consideration:

  • Parking at St. John Mission Church
  • Waterfront promenade
  • SR 525 bicycle improvements from 76th St. SW to 92nd St. SW.

With the four new concepts, we’re now recommending further study of 13 total potential improvements to access Mukilteo Station. See a map and list on our website, and read about next steps below. 

What’s next for better access to Edmonds & Mukilteo Stations?

We want more Snohomish County residents to have better access to Sounder train service. Sound Transit recommends a list of 25 total improvements for further study, which includes 13 in Mukilteo and 12 in Edmonds. These range from new vehicle parking areas to bicycle, pedestrian and bus access improvements. Read details on our website:

We’ve shared each of these with the public and evaluated them on the criteria of ridership, consistency, implementation, access, and the environment. 

Next steps

We expect the Sound Transit Board to take action at its April meeting to advance the 25 potential improvements to the next phase of study, which includes conceptual design and environmental review. Not all 25 potential improvements will necessarily be implemented; some may be screened out due to cost or other factors as we learn more. We’ll have updates for the community and opportunities for public input during this next phase of work. 

After we complete conceptual design and environmental review, the Sound Transit Board will select the specific improvements to be completed for each station.